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About Us



Shamrock Shutters Canada is committed to providing great quality shutters and blinds at unbeatable prices. As a family-run business, we understand our clients desires to update their homes and businesses on a budget and in a timely fashion, and because our shutters and blinds are manufactured locally, we can guarantee you the very best prices on them!

Our process is quick and simple – we do the measuring and installation, while you sit back, relax and save big on your new window gear! Plus, with Shamrock Shutters Canada, consultations and installations on our shutters and blinds are always free.

We are a dedicated husband and wife team. From consult to install, we are there for you. We pride ourselves on providing you the best personal experience because it’s just us – from start to finish, no middle man, no bells or whistles, just us – Brenda and John.

Shamrock Shutters Canada is proud to be serving the Greater Hamilton and Halton Areas of Ontario, Canada! Inquire with us today to see if we can serve your needs.

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Shamrock Shutters Canada. Great prices. Great quality. No shenanigans!